New Racer Limit for CLIF Enduro East at Burke Mountain / Victory Hill for this Weekend

We were just informed that there will be a limit of 165 racers that can compete in this weekends EWS Qualifier, please get registered and don’t be left out. We didn’t see this coming but we will be using public lands for our transfer to and from Victory Hill. Presently we are over 50% sold out so get registered today as online registration and the savings that goes with it

CLIF BBQ Party at Burke / Victory

CLIF Bar BBQ Party at the CLIF Enduro East at Burke / Victory on Saturday Night 6-8pm. Long Trail Brewing will be providing a beer or soda to go along with dinner. The Saturday night buffet will be: Pasta salad Baked beans Burgers Hot dogs Grilled chicken Pulled Pork Roasted corn Brownies We’ll be releasing day 1 results and have a ton of raffles !!  

Maps Released for the CLIF Enduro East at Burke Mountain / Victory Hill

  $6,000 CLIF ENDURO EAST Burke Mountain / Victory Hill by VITTORIA ESC  Enduro World Series Qualifier  Saturdays stages will take place at Victory Hill and Sundays stages will be contested at Burke Mountain We are offering an Early Bird special for registration for the next CLIF Enduro East race at Victory Hill and Burke Mountain. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL FOR THE FIRST 100 ENTRIES $119 FOR AMATEURS AND $139 FOR